Riposte was created in Wynwood the world-famous street-art district of Miami, to enhance our sense of belonging.

Riposte collaborates with street-artists for exclusive and genuine designs. This new source of revenue allows them to keep doing what they do best: Art for free and for everyone!

Thanks to its partners Riposte's t-shirts are 100% organic and are produced while respecting the workers

Reliable Fashion, Local Soul

Our Manifesto

Because the clothing industry is the 2nd most polluting.

Because street artists struggle to make a living with their art.

Because if they stop, our neighborhoods will be sad and boring.

Because you want to be really proud of where you belong.

Riposte gives a quick and clever answer to those « because » by being the first sustainable lifestyle brand collaborating with street artists to recreate cities’ symbols.

By wearing Riposte you are part of a movement, a movement that protects the planet, a movement that create a new source of revenue for street artists, a movement shifting your way to be proud of where you belong.




More about the production of our t-shirts

Nicolas Riviere Riposte founder

The man behind Riposte